Here at Go Ibogaine we have over 25 years of combined experience in the ibogaine industry, and that doesn’t include the combined experience of our medical staff. Our CEO chief administrator is a world renown ibogaine treatment provider and independent author whom publishes ibogaine related material and is recognized for his original ideas regarding opiate addiction detox and the ibogaine recovery process that follows treatment. Our residential onsite ibogaine therapist/addiction recovery specialist Christian Forbes, whom is quickly becoming known for being possibly the biggest success case in ibogaine history, is more committed to the success of others than anyone else in the field. Our care providers understand the importance of commitment to the patient. We have been where you are. We have seen it all. We have been it all. And we believe that everyone is allowed miracles.

Another reason to choose Go Ibogaine is our location.
Not only are we based in the most beautiful country on the planet, Costa Rica, we are based in the #1 rated place in the world for good weather. Here in Atenas, you will not need to adjust to the high heat & humidity as you would at other south of the border centers. With plenty of off-site activities and onsite accommodations you will find yourself in a comfortable environment conducive to integrating new insights into your daily life. You will reconnect to nature, to the planet, to real food, to like-minded people and to yourself.

You will become a part of something much bigger than you could have imagined. We also have a pricing structure that cannot be beat anywhere else. In fact, for the small percentage of people whom are non-responders to the medicine that is ibogaine, we offer a money back guarantee. With Go Ibogaine, you need not worry about security and stability. Ibogaine should be experienced by all whom want it and we aim to make that possible.

A little about the man named Christian Forbes (Click here)