Mental & Physical Preparation

Mental preparation sessions by phone/Skype with recovery coaches

Full medical evaluation to determine readiness for treatment

Educational material on ibogaine and other matters related to addiction recovery

Personalized planning sessions to develop a winning game-plan for Aftercare


Medically-Supervised Treatment

One on one medical evaluation with licensed medical doctor
Testing prior to treatment — including blood, urine, and EKG testing
Compassionate, medically supervised Ibogaine treatment
Individualized therapeutic support provided


Inpatient Aftercare Support

Recovery coaching, with short/long term packages and various approaches (phone, Skype, in-person) to fit goals.

Group coaching & integration classes offered to help patients further process the experience and stay on track

Social Media Support Groups


We will create an individualized program, according to your conditions, that includes pre and post treatment preparations for safety and authoritative detoxification. Treatments are monitored by experienced Ibogaine facilitators. Our primary care physician will perform all necessary physical examinations, and address any needs prior to treatment. After being picked up at the SJO airport you will be allowed a short window of time to stabilize eating, sleeping and hydration habits, supplementation and nutritional normalization and any other medical or physical needs prior to treatment.


We will see to it that you remain comfortable during this period of time. You may receive medications beforehand in order to achieve stabilization according to your current physical dependency levels. We want you to feel comfortable in this environment in order to increase your physical health and strength before treatment. You will have a specifically designed treatment protocol keeping our evaluations of your strength and sensitivity in mind. Not everyone has strong visions or hallucinations during ibogaine treatment. This will not affect the success of your treatment. The medicine works on many levels simultaneously.


Because we specialize in individualized care and every case is highly unique it would be both misleading and irresponsible for us to claim that one protocol fits all individual needs.

We believe that working with a patient to construct the most opportune program for long term recovery should always take precedence over a typical cookie-cutter treatment plan. Many things affect the price of treatment. Some examples are the mg/kg dosing scale, time spent in our facility, the condition of your health upon arrival, necessary adjunct therapies, and other issues of safety concerns means there is no set price. We believe in our work as professionals and we believe in you. If you supply the will, we will supply the way. We pride ourselves in our ability to customize programs that meet not only your physical condition, but your economic condition as well. For this reason we strongly urge you to contact us directly so we can construct the program that best meets your needs.