Ibogaine is not a cure in a pill. What it is though, is a major jump-start for those on the path of recovery. While many do experience absolute freedom from their addictions after just one treatment, we beg everyone to make responsible decisions upon returning home. For this reason we cannot guarantee that someone will remain forever free of their addictions—responsible behavior is still necessary.

Now as for our guarantee, there is a well kept secret among treatment providers that we will now address. A small percentage of the population are Ibogaine nonresponders. This means that the body has no response to the medicine. Oftentimes when this occurs the provider will shift the blame to the patient’s diet prior to administration of the medicine.

This is just a smokescreen to hide the reality that the patient is reacting as a nonresponder. This makes getting your money back for a treatment you’re unable to partake in nearly impossible.

This is where our guarantee comes in. Under the care of Go Ibogaine, if you don’t respond we refund you back 100% of your Ibogaine treatment fees. That’s right, nonresponders are non-payers at Go Ibogaine. We challenge anyone to find a reputable Ibogaine provider willing to make the same promise, we’ve yet to find them.

Having now learned about our guarantee call or click for Live Assistance now and we will get you on the Ibogaine path today!