Benefits of Ibogaine

Ibogaine addresses the physical and
psychological needs of the individual.

  • Alleviates 90% of opiate withdrawal symptoms.
  • Addresses cravings for 2 – 6 months.
  • Changes habitual thought patterns.
  • Helps restore proper functioning of the brain’s neurochemistry.
  • Is non-addictive and not to be taken on a continual basis.


We welcome you to the most beautiful country on the planet, Costa Rica. To make things even better, our center is located in what National Geographic called the best climate in the world, Atenas. On top of that, we are less than 12 miles from the airport. Making your trip from plane to your own private room conveniently short.

Pampered, but not smothered.

  • You will find yourself in a comfortable environment conducive to integrating new insights into your daily life.
  • With an attentive around the clock staff we’re on your schedule, you’re not on ours.
  • Accommodations are designed to be inclusive while at the same time allowing each guest plenty of private space.
  • Your stay at Go Ibogaine is all inclusive (Wifi, meals, massage therapy, laundry service, etc).


Mental & Physical Preparation

Mental preparation sessions by phone/Skype with recovery coaches.

Full medical evaluation to determine readiness for treatment.

Educational material on ibogaine and other matters related to addiction recovery.

Personalized planning sessions to develop a winning game-plan for Aftercare.


Medically-Supervised Treatment

One on one medical evaluation with licensed medical doctor.

Testing prior to treatment — including blood, urine, and EKG testing.

Compassionate, medically supervised Ibogaine treatment.

Individualized therapeutic support provided.


Inpatient Aftercare Support

Recovery coaching, with short/long terms packages and various approaches (phone, skype, in-person) to fit individual’s goals.

Group coaching & integration classes offered to help patients further process the experience and stay on track.

Social Media Support Groups.

Time to relax and gather your thoughts before being reunited with your loved ones.

can i do this?

Contact us day or night. Whether to talk Ibogaine options, or if you just need someone to talk to, we’re here for you.